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Digic Photoscan is a 3D scanning facility producing high-quality, production-ready, fully textured 3D scans. They are produced for the film-, television-, and game industries, as well as for scientific use. DIGIC Pictures uses this 3D scan services for its own award winning animated films.

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3D scanning is recommended for objects and organic things that would be otherwise difficult to model, such as people, animals, plants, complex landscapes or environment elements (eg. ruined cities). The photogrammetry process used and refined by Digic provides the perfect and quick replica of the original object and it has many advantages compared to the generally used laser scanning technologies. Whether you need to scan tiny bugs or full buildings, we can work with all kind of object sizes. We also generate high resolution textures and models, ready to be used for VFX productions, adjusted right to the clients' pipeline.

Our services are not only limited to the creation and processing of photogrammetric scans. We provide assistance from the first step of the projects so that they are realized in the most efficient way, so we also deal with location search, character casting and HDRI panoramas, among other things. We also undertake digitization of locations and buildings, often supplemented with LIDAR and Drones.

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On location scanning

Our photogrammetry system consists of two separate rigs. One with 112 cameras which is mainly used for human body and animal scans and another with 56 cameras for facial and body part scans. Both rigs are modular so they can be easily disassembled, moved to other locations and be adjusted to any size and form.

our 3D scanning facility

3D scanning facility in Budapest producing high-quality, fully textured 3D scans.​ DIGIC Photoscan provides a high-performance photogrammetry system in t​wo custom-built octagonal photo studios with 360-degree lighting.​


degree lighting


dslr cameras


Nikon d5300 cameras

processing scans

The scanned data goes through various levels of processing, which ranges from basic cleanup to the detailed retopology and tweaking of the model’s fine details, where unique client requests can be accommodated.

raw scan

raw scan

Raw scan coming out of the processing program. No manual work/cleaning made on the scan - recommended for previs, animation drafts as a placeholder, defining bodyweight.



Cleaned version of the RAW scan, with noise removal, fine modelling and sculpting if needed, semi-auto quad polygon-based retopology, better UV layout. Output can be a great source for VFX post-production.



Custom retopology of the scan. Processing is adjusted according to the client’s pipeline.

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