motion capture

Our own, high-quality motion capture studio in Budapest, Hungary, equipped with VICON Motion Capture system

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mocap services

  • 8 Faceware tech GoPro HMC
  • Real-time mocap in virtual set
  • Live Stream remote mocap session via ustream
  • Dog and horse motion capture offsite
  • Mocap/faceware outsource tracking/ retargeting/ motion editing
  • talent sourcing
  • Complete logistic service: hotel booking, airport transfer, etc.

Digic services uses the most cutting-edge tools available

  • 40 VICON T160 16 megapixel cameras with
  • Our active mocap stage is 11m x 9m x 4,5m
  • We can provide also performance captures with 8 Faceware Tech GoPro HMC
  • we can capture up to 10 actors with props at the same time Inhouse developed Vicon Blade tools for fast post processing

our world-class stunt team

DIGIC Services provides trained​ stunt performers and​ stunt coordinators for the motion capture projects.

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