We are an award-winning 3D animation studio. We have been bringing heroes and other creatures to life with the help of CG magic for over fifteen years. In our movies we put emphasis on powerful storytelling, while introducing different universes and worlds and show them in a unique way. Our goal is to take full advantage of next generation technology to provide an entirely new and groundbreaking experience to CG audiences worldwide. We create full 3D animation and visual effects for video games, commercials as well as for feature films working for prestigious clients located across the globe.

facts and benefits


Today, DIGIC is a team of 300+ people. We’ve worked at the forefront of our industry for 16 years now, creating more than 100+ animated shorts. So we count on you for a long term!

AAA projects

Here’s your chance to work on award-winning animated shorts, and game trailers for world-class companies. We love to be challenged and inspired by the newest technology.


Our core value at DIGIC is to encourage creativity. We believe letting you create is the best way to succeed.

AAA Team

You’ll find game lovers and movie fans at DIGIC. You could work with a team of highly talented and cool people with very diverse backgrounds.

Working environment

Our studio based in Graphisoft Park or the so-called “Mini Silicon Valley of Budapest”. You can come to work by bike along the Danube, and after a long day, what about to take a ship to get back home? :)

Family friendly, balanced workplace

We love to be great at what we do and dig into the massive flow of challenges ahead of us, and we learned that we do our best if we can keep a happy work-life balance.


DIGIC is dedicated to promote workers' financial, health and family well-being, taking various approaches to address their financial, personal and family needs so that they become more engaged, healthier, and productive.

  • Healthcare services

  • Onsite sport activities

  • Offsite sport activities

    Yearly bike tour / guided snowshoe tour, etc.

  • Access to healthy food

  • Mental services/ Personal coaching

  • DIGIC Library

    Encouraging professional and personal development

  • Weekly massage

  • Relaxation & playroom

  • Open day for family & friends

  • Yearly organized events

    Carnival, Easter Egg play, dDay, Halloween, Santa, dXmas

  • Non-work related workshops

    magician, drawing, make up, etc.

our positions

What makes DIGIC a great place is working with the best people on world-class 3D animations and visual effects.

We are always looking for enthusiastic and ambitious people who are committed to making a dent in the universe.