Application tips

Dear Applicants,


We are regularly asked questions on the best ways to apply for a job at DIGIC. We would like to share some tips that may help you get hired!



When you apply for an artistic position, the strength of your showreel/portfolio is the most important thing.

Presenting your previous work in an efficient way will hugely increase your chances of standing out of the crowd and being noticed by the Hiring Managers!  


The world of 3D animation encompasses a wide array of styles and formats. When our Hiring Managers decide who to invite for an interview, they look for the candidates whose portfolios contain work similar to what our colleagues usually produce.

Take a look at DIGIC’s past work! Since you will probably need to create artwork in a similar vein, try to focus on the pieces of your previous work which prove that you are up for the challenge!

It may be useful to do a quick research on the internet to find some tips and advice on how to put a portfolio together. There is plenty of material available!



  • Many applicants do not trust that their application will be processed through the website. We assure you that applying on our job site is the most efficient way to turn in your application - and it is also the only way we can guarantee that your personal data will be handled in a way that is compliant with all data protection laws and regulations.
    Please make sure that you apply on the website! We guarantee that your profile will be evaluated by the relevant personnel!

  • If you believe that you have the abilities to prove yourself in more than one job, you should apply for all of them - they may be evaluated by different Hiring Managers. However, please make sure that you only apply for jobs that require similar skills to yours!

  • You can maximize your chances of success if you apply for an existing, open job listing rather than the general, “SEND CV” page. Sending a general application only makes sense if you absolutely cannot find a relevant position among our current listings. If you apply for a particular job, applying on the “SEND CV” page will not increase your chances at all.



You can find thousands of websites offering tips and CV templates, but here is  some advice  that you should keep in mind:

  • Please read the job ad thoroughly! While writing your CV, try to focus on showing us that you fulfill all requirements of that particular job!

  • Your CV should include all information about you that is relevant for the particular positions you are applying for. For example: softwares/tools you are proficient with, languages you speak, brief list of responsibilities in your previous jobs, etc.
    Please think about how detailed the information you share with us should be, and
    concentrate on the most relevant parts of your skills and experiences!

  • If you worked previously in a position similar to the one you are applying for, make sure you describe the details of your responsibilities there in a brief but efficient way!

  • While listing and detailing your previous work experiences, please also briefly mention all jobs that may not be relevant to your application - It could still be useful for us to know about them!

  • If there are some bits of information you consider relevant, but you cannot fit in your CV, feel free to include a short summary of them in your application.
    You do not need to stick to any regular cover letter format. You can either upload these notes as a separate file, or simply copy the text to the “OTHER NOTES” field of the application form.

  • Formatting your CV nicely may help your application a lot! We will NOT reject your application based on the design of your CV, but giving Hiring Managers a good first impression certainly helps!

  • Please send all your documents (CV and other files) in PDF format, if possible!



  • The great majority of DIGIC’s movies fall into the realistic Sci-fi/Fantasy genre. Your portfolio/showreel should convince us that you can produce high quality artwork in this vein. Make sure you present the full range of what you can create within this style!

  • Focus on the parts of your previous work that are relevant for the position you are applying for! Make sure that your portfolio/showreel highlights the artwork that is closest to DIGIC’s style!
    It may be a plus to show variety, but other styles (cartoony, etc.) should not dominate your profile!

  • We suggest that you only show us your most recent material that fits the above criteria! Including past work that may show lesser skills than what you are currently capable of will probably lower the chances of getting hired! It is better to simply exclude them.

  • If your showreel includes material created in collaboration with other artists, please describe what your responsibilities  were exactly in the process! You can either do this by adding subtitles to the showreel itself, or turning in a breakdown as a separate pdf file!

  • Showreels should be sent by uploading them to Youtube, Vimeo or other similar sites and copying the link to the “SHOWREEL/PORTFOLIO URL” field of the application form!
    If the video is protected with a password, please share the password with us in the “OTHER NOTES” field!

  • If you have a portfolio of still images, you can upload them to your candidate profile as a pdf file, but - due to size limitations - it may be a better idea to put an online portfolio together (on Artstation, Behance, etc.) and simply give us a link to the gallery!

  • Naturally, we also offer other positions that do not require a portfolio. When applying for a job in production coordination, project management, etc., we do not expect you to send us a portfolio.




  • Please make sure that you give us an idea of your expected net salary in the relevant field of the application form.
    Do not worry: if your application seems relevant, but your request does not fit the salary range we can offer, we will still get in touch with you, and inform you of the possibilities!