DIGIC is a Hungarian based animation studio founded in 2002, a multi-award-winning industry leader in creating AAA animation content for top-tier clients all over the world. With its established technology, supreme quality, and creative team of directors, cinematographers, and 3D artists, DIGIC understands the industry demands and delivers quality reliably. DIGIC is best known for creating fine details and realistic characters as well as world-class rendering in the production of the animated shorts. In filmmaking, DIGIC leverages next-generation technology to provide entirely new visual experiences for the CG audiences. In 2022 DIGIC has officially joined the Embracer Group, which is the parent company of entrepreneurial businesses developing and publishing PC, console, mobile and tabletop games and other related media for the global games and entertainment market.




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The history of DIGIC is as complex as it is deep - full of adventures and dedication, culminating in a company that has been held in the highest esteem within the industry for over two decades now. Kickstarting in its earliest days as a group of enthusiastic young talent wanting to make an intro cinematic for an upcoming video game, DIGIC has become a juggernaut to be reckoned with in the video game industry, and is now looking toward a future that promises many new grounds to cover – including the production of animated feature films. The company was officially established in 2001, and a year later, a small group was created within it to make visually-appealing CG short films for the game. This team, formed in 2002, was the precursor of DIGIC, and their first cinematics got to be known as the Exigo series. In 2008, the company was given the chance to produce the E3 announcement trailer for Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed II, and its success helped cement the name of DIGIC within the video game industry for decades to come. But within a decade, DIGIC was ready. The company built its own mocap and scan studios under the name of DIGIC Services. It started hiring out its technology and know-how, setting foot in previously uncovered market segments, eventually growing from a garage start-up to a company of almost 400 employees. DIGIC would end up working for the biggest video game companies, from Ubisoft to Microsoft, Sony, Activision, Electronic Arts, Square ENIX, and Riot Games just to name a few. And eventually, the company would prove its worth in non-gaming media as well: Tim Miller, founder of the world-renowned animation studio Blur, asked DIGIC to create a full episode of his Netflix anthology series Love, Death & Robots. “The Secret War” turned out to be a major accolade in DIGIC’s history, winning the award for Best Animated FX for TV/Media at the 2020 Annie Awards. The episode would have been the perfect mark of a new era for DIGIC. By 2020 the company developed itself to have 2 more branches besides DIGIC Pictures and Services; DIGIC Studios, which uses the latest technological solutions, real-time engines for high quality 3D animation, VR and AR content and Productions which was founded to back up the original business model to create an independent film portfolio in addition to self-produced films and to focus on its own IP and content development. 2022 was another important milestone in the history of DIGIC when it officially joined Embracer Group, the Karlstad-based Swedish conglomerate which acquired several media brands in the past decade.


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Produces 3D animated content mainly for the gaming industry, though this line of business also worked for Netflix on the episode called "The Secret War" in the Love, Death, and Robots animated anthology series.

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Provides the raw materials for digital filmmaking, such as Motion Capture and 3D Photoscan technology, supported by high-quality expertise for partners all around the world.

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Uses the latest technological solutions, real-time engines for high quality 3D animation, VR and AR content.

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Productions is responsible for content development across several feature film projects and high-quality animated TV series.

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In 2014, DIGIC relocated the office to Graphisoft Park, which is a world class location, the so-called “Silicon valley of Budapest”. This is the base of a team of 350+ highly talented and cool people with diverse backgrounds. We are dedicated to empower our colleagues’ health and family well-being, taking several approaches to address their needs to become more engaged, balanced and productive.