DIGIC and Axis Studios Announce Two-Project Animated Feature Co-Development Partnership.


June 20, 2023 - ANNECY FRANCE – DIGIC (Love Death & Robots: The Secret War) along with Axis Studios (Scrooge: A Christmas Carol, Love Death & Robots, Happy!) are pleased to announce a collaboration on a two-project partnership. The studios will jointly develop & produce ‘Worlds Apart’ into a four-quadrant animated feature film in their first collaboration.

‘Worlds Apart’ is an action-packed fantasy adventure set in a world split by two powerful feuding brothers with clashing convictions. An obsession with order & discipline on one side, an overdose of magical frivolity on the other and a war looming on the horizon.

DIGIC's CEO Alex S. Rabb and Axis Studios CEO Richard Scott and their respective studios have nearly half a century of experience in producing animated stories for fantasy action adventure audiences. The two animation powerhouses share the same ambitions when it comes to the types of stories they want to tell and are excited to combine their creative strengths and experience.

Alex S. Rabb of DIGIC comments:

We are very excited to bring Axis Studios on board in this groundbreaking partnership. Combining our creative forces and vast production experience to create ‘Worlds Apart’, an animated feature that illuminates the significance of unity in a divided world. Our collective aim is to inspire audiences to embrace acceptance and celebrate diversity, fostering a shared vision of a more harmonious future.

Richard Scott of Axis Studios comments:

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Alex and the DIGIC team, as we work together to bring ‘Worlds Apart’ to life. This collaboration unites two creative groups with shared ambitions in storytelling. I firmly believe that by combining our capabilities and skill sets, we will create a formidable creative force that will make ‘Worlds Apart’ a fantastic combination of timeless storytelling, fantasy, magic, and action.

DIGIC and Axis will collaborate on the development of the film and expect to take the project to market before the end of 2023.